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Virtual Night Vision

The fun vision enhancer that actually works

Virtual Night Vision combines powerful image enhancement, camera control that lets in up to 15x more light, powerful 8x zoom and many fun effects like thermal imaging, green mode, binoculars and more.

It won’t work in complete blackness because the iPhone lacks special night cameras, but Virtual Night Vision works in pretty dark conditions. How dark? It depends on the iPhone but moonlight is enough. On any iPhone it will still work when the iPhone Camera app only sees black.

How does it work? It uses a live camera view and special photo enhancement techniques to boost light levels, plus 3 special camera modes (Fast, High and Max). Fast produces good results when you’re on the move, Max produces amazing results when you’re still, and High is balanced between the two. And you can take HD photos with enhancement and effects.

3 powerful modes

  • Fast: best results with fast motion
  • High: balanced between speed and performance for all-purpose use
  • Max: for stationary use. Ultimate enhancement!


  • Live, adjustable night vision enhancement. Enhance as much or as little as you want to get the picture just right
  • 3 operating modes ensure best results in any situation • Smooth, fast, live fullscreen display
  • Powerful 8x live zoom
  • Multiple live color modes: Full Color, Black and White, Red, Green and Blue filters
  • Multiple live effects:
    • Thermal Image (this is an effect, not real thermal imaging)
    • Monochrome shade: Highlights patterns of light and shadow
    • False Color
    • Posterize: See the world in a limited palette of colors
    • Negative. Sometimes produces better images, also makes a cool X-Ray effect!
  • Built-in camera, captures exactly what you see on screen and saves automatically to your photo library at HD resolution
  • Built-in image viewer
  • Built-in binocular simulation

Please note

  • Night vision in extremely dark or pitch black conditions is impossible with the iPhone camera
  • Thermal imaging is a video effect only!
  • Virtual NightVision is compatible with iPhone 4S and later, iPod Touch with camera and iPad with camera. It requires iOS 8.